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Today’s learners are tomorrow’s leaders… A child that has the LCA maximized experience will have a great academic foundation. Their foundation will be strong. They will be able to demonstrate competence because of our comprehensive early childhood development program that ensures success.

Early Childhood

You and your child are about to begin one of the most exciting and anticipated times in your child's life: Our teachers and staff are dedicated to making your child's time at LCA a positive experience. Together, with your support, we will build the foundation of your child's future educational experiences as well as foster a life-long love for learning.

Our center is divided by age groups. Each curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of the specific age group. Each class has guidelines for growth towards independence.

Teachers provide guidance to:

     o Foster growth in understanding and appreciation for God's love and of the world around us.
     o Build Christian spiritual and moral values.
     o Help develop the child's sense of worth.
     o Promote feelings of security, comfort and belonging during time away from home.
     o Help children develop respect for others.
     o Encourage appreciation of joy and the value of learning.
     o Generate curiosity, initiative, creativity, and independent thinking.
     o Develop communication and coordination skills.
     o Stimulate expression through art and music.
     o Provide opportunities for physical development.

PK4 – K: Active Learners and Independent Thinkers.

Utilizing developmentally appropriate teaching strategies and hands-on learning opportunities, the dynamic Abeka curriculum allows students the opportunity to gain knowledge through practical, meaningful experiences, thus stimulating an interest and excitement for learning. 

Theses grades offer a transitional period from the early childhood experience. The curriculum becomes more rigorous but it prepares the student to meet every challenge at the next grade level.

We provide a carefully planned, yet creative environment, where our children are given opportunities to acquire knowledge as they build upon emerging interests and develop friendships. In addition, we prepare our children for standardized testing which is administered yearly.


     o King's Palace - Infants & Pre-Tots
     o City of David - Toddlers
     o Discovery Garden - 2 Year Olds
     o The Potter's House - 3 Year Olds
     o Champions Village - PreK 4
     o Kindergarten

Extra Curriculum

Brownie / Boy Scouts
Book Club
Young Ent. Club

When your child's Maximized Journey is completed, they will be fully equipped for the next phase of life and learning!

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